Ink Blot / Splat Series of 8 - Stock Footage (Videohive)

Ink Blot / Splat Series of 8 131795 Videohive - Free Download  Stock Footage Video EncodingPhoto PNG + Alpha | 854x480 | Alpha Channel No | 183 Mb Ink Blot / Splat Series of 8 Series of eight ink splatters spreading on wet paper. Great for using to mask items on a video or combining them together. The videos are shot at 30FPS progressive and all eight files have a alpha channel so they can easily be used on top of other videos as your mask. The other similar videos below are much higher quality than this one.

 Video Features: - 854×480 videos - 8 different videos - alpha channel - over 1 minute of video </embed> <strong>Free links only 1 points for Vip Members</strong>