Film Composite - The Collection

Free Download Film Composite - The Collection OVER 120 ASSETS FEATURING FILM GRAIN, DAMAGE, TRANSITIONS, BURNS & LUTS The Collection includes everything you need - start to finish - to recreate the iconic film look within Adobe Premiere. It’s a digital library like no other, featuring the highest quality elements curated by video editors, for video editors.

PROJECT OVERVIEW 12 authentic film grain overlays shot on cinema stock 40 film damage elements sourced from vintage reels 40 video transitions + 10 film style burns 24 film color LUTs for grading Processed and mastered in 4K ProRes Use directly in Adobe Premiere Video tutorials + PDF guides included ADD RICH, AUTHENTIC FILM GRAIN TO YOUR VIDEO EDIT. FEATURING 12 ICONIC FILM STOCKS USED IN CINEMA. Add real film grain to your video edit directly in Adobe Premiere. Cinema Film Grain features 12 unique film grain overlays, shot on film stock used in theatrical productions. Mastered in ProRes HQ 4K resolution. A COMPREHENSIVE COLLECTION INCLUDING FINE, MEDIUM, AND COARSE FILM STOCKS. Each film stock included has it’s own unique grain structure, coarseness, and tone. We’ve hand selected stocks that cover a spectrum of intensity, from fine to coarse. So whether you want a little grain, a lot of grain, or anywhere in between, Cinema Film Grain will help you achieve the perfect look. EACH STOCK GOES THROUGH A RIGOROUS 8 STEP TOUCH UP PROCESS. THE RESULT: WICKEDLY CLEAN FILM GRAIN. Each negative goes through an 8 step proprietary touch up process, including dirt and dust touch up, vignette and flicker removal, color consistency, enhancement, and more. The end result is ultra clean grain, rich in detail, outputted to ProRes HQ - perfect for compositing. ALL THE INGREDIENTS YOU NEED TO RECREATE A REALISTIC RETRO FILM LOOK. Retro Film Damage features 40 authentic film damage elements in 4K, built for compositing. Includes dirt, dust, scratches, grunge, and much more - everything you need to recreate a realistic retro shot-on-film look.